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Cipher machine to be auctioned to raise funds for Good Thinking & All Trials

Having authored ‘The Code Book’, Good Thinking’s founder Simon Singh has built a small collection of crypto-artefacts, including an Enigma cipher machine that is taken to schools to illustrate the importance of maths. The Enigma is usually on tour with James Grime, and you can contact him to arrange a visit. You can also book …

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2015 ESC Podcast: Episode #20 – Mark Lynas

This is the podcast of the 2015 European Skeptics Conference – the regular conference of The European Council of Skeptical Organisations, taking place in London on 11-13 September, 2015. Joining Marsh today is writer and activist Mark Lynas. Tickets for the conference are available at: Find out how to donate to support the Good Thinking Society. …

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