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Adrian Jones

Daily Telegraph: “MPs call for police inquiry into bogus ‘cancer cures’”

Earlier this month, we worked with Tom Bruce from Brighton Skeptics in the Pub in order to investigate the Spirit of Health Conference, which took place on the 4th of May in Sussex. Today, the Daily Telegraph have reported extensively on Tom’s findings and video recordings: Cancer patients are being offered “fake cures’” by unscrupulous alternative medicine practitioners, …

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Street sign, Harley Street, Westminster, London W1

Our concerns about “Inside Harley Street” alternative therapies

Episode 3 of the BBC2 series Inside Harley Street, broadcast on Monday 27th April, explored complementary and alternative therapies. It is still available on iPlayer in the UK. While it might not have been the intention of the programme-maker, the documentary shone a light on the large number of alternative treatments available in the Harley …

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