Apr 13 2015

NHS Homeopathy Legal Challenge

Simon Singh and The Good Thinking Society have today welcomed the decision of the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to reconsider spending money on homeopathy. Chair of The Good Thinking Society and popular science writer Dr Simon Singh said “NHS spending is a major issue, especially in the run-up to the election.”

Apr 08 2015

Good Thinking Investigates: Osteopathy

Many osteopaths claim to treat colic with cranial osteopathy – a therapy with no evidence of effectiveness. Following our recent investigation into similar claims made by chiropractors, we decided to find out what an osteopath would tell a distressed parent seeking advice… While this conversation has been edited for length, we have taken care to retain …

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Feb 18 2015

Good Thinking About… Live Blood Analysis

Are you thinking about trying Live Blood Analysis? Practitioners of Live Blood Analysis claim to diagnose health conditions (e.g. vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food intolerances, allergies and digestive issues) by observing blood cells. Some also claim to identify early warning signs of cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Clients are then encouraged to follow restrictive …

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Feb 16 2015

Will David Tredinnick Help Us Test Astrology?

David Tredinnick, MP for Bosworth and a member of both the Health Committee and Science and Technology Committee, has recently stated a number of times that he believes in the use of astrology for medical purposes: July 25th 2014: Glastonbury festival July 28th 2014: LBC interview October 13th 2014: Channel 4 news (during a discussion …

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Feb 12 2015

Good Thinking About… The Cancer Act (1939)

Although there are plenty of alternative cancer treatments out there, there is very little evidence that any of them actually work. Such‘miracle cures’ offer false hope, undermine confidence in effective medicine and can be dangerous and expensive. The Cancer Act (1939) effectively makes it illegal to advertise such products. There have been over twenty cases …

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Feb 10 2015

Good Thinking Investigates: Chiropractic

In 2008, the British Chiropractic Association unsuccessfully sued science writer Simon Singh for highlighting that there is no reliable evidence that chiropractic can treat colic. Six years later, we wanted to find out whether chiropractors would still treat babies suffering from colic. While this conversation has been edited for length, we have taken care to retain …

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Jan 15 2015

Good Thinking Investigates: Sosatec Wellbalancer

Sosatec Bionics Ltd sell pendants and products (“Wellbalancers”) to protect against what they claim is harmful radiation emitted by mobile phones and WiFi – claims which are highly questionable. They claim their products, which sell for £30-£44, are “made of high grade electronic silica programmed with natural botanical frequencies”. The scaremongering around mobile phone radiation …

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Dec 18 2014

Mark Tilbrook explains why he supports Good Thinking

In 2014, skeptic Mark Tilbrook started a campaign aimed at giving audiences at psychic shows a simple leaflet to help them question the information presented by psychics. Soon after his campaign began, Mark found himself threatened by psychic Sally Morgan’s team. He was subjected to verbal, physical and legal intimidation. Fortunately, with the help of …

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Dec 17 2014

Paula O’Brien’s Psychic Pregnancy Predictions

I firmly believe in the importance of skeptics attending a psychic show, in order to see firsthand how the biggest touring psychics in the country claim to put audience members in touch with the spirits of their dearly departed – for entertainment purposes only, naturally. In seeing such shows up close and witnessing their effect …

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Dec 16 2014

Trading Standards instruct Oasis of Hope UK to remove cancer claims from website

A week ago, Oasis of Hope UK was instructed  to remove claims from its website following our complaint to Nottingham Trading Standards under the Cancer Act (1939). All content was removed from the website yesterday. Oasis of Hope is a controversial cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, which offers a range of unproven treatments for advanced …

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