Jul 04 2017

Who Wants To Be A Mathematician 2017/2018 – opportunity for sponsorship

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician logoLast year, Matt Parker and Simon Singh pulled out all the stops and in less than month were able to set up and run a UK version of the American maths competition called Who Want To Be A Mathematician. The support from teachers and the enthusiasm of students was amazing, and with just some seed funding from Good Thinking we had a competition with:

  • 375 enquiries from schools;
  • roughly 200 schools taking part;
  • roughly 800 students taking part, largely sixth formers;
  • 80 students in Round 2;
  • a live final in London, with six finalists;
  • Connie Bambridge-Sutton (Reigate Grammar School) winning in the Final.

Setting up a national maths competition in such a short period of time was only possible thanks to Mike Breen at the American Mathematical Society, who allowed us to piggyback on all his hard work in previous years.

This year we want to run an even bigger and better competition, but to do that we need a sponsor who has £10,000 to back the project. Our mission is to have:

  • 400 schools taking part;
  • 1,500 students in Round 1;
  • a competition that is entirely free to enter;
  • a live final in the UK to find a national champion;
  • the UK winner going to San Diego, for the International Final.

The £10,000 is largely needed to send the winner plus a guardian to California for three nights, but there are significant administration costs for Good Thinking and the American Mathematical Society, as well as prize money for finalists and the cost of organising the live UK final.

What are the benefits of sponsoring this competition?

  • Your support will be featured at the top of our webpage.
  • Your support will be highlighted to the 400 maths teachers who get involved.
  • Your name will appear when students log in to compete, making it visible to 1,500 students, including a very high number of students who will be applying for STEM (particularly maths) degrees in the near future.
  • Your name will also appear when the 2,300 American students log in to compete.
  • Matt and Simon will tweet about your support, which will reach the 125,000 people follow us.
  • Friends, colleagues and others will retweet, reaching more than 250,000 people in total.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship, please email us at marsh@goodthinkingsociety.org