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Our goal is “to encourage curiosity and promote rational thinking”, hence the positive title of the organisation. At the same time, this inevitably means battling against irrationality and pseudoscience.

In our first year, Good Thinking initiated some modest projects aimed at highlighting quackery, encouraging good journalism and supporting grassroots activity.

This year we are building on existing projects and developing new ones. It is hard to predict the topics that will become our focus, but in essence we are pro-science and pro-evidence, which means we are anti-woo and anti-quack. In short, we like skepticism, but not cynicism. We like nerds and geeks, but we hate bogus things without a jot of evidence.

Over the next few years, I hope Good Thinking will sit alongside all the other excellent initiatives in UK skepticism, such as the Skeptics in the Pub network and QEDcon. Follow us on twitter for news of activities – @GoodThinkingSoc.

Finally, if you are new to skepticism and want to find out the sort of things that interest and annoy skeptics, then below are some links that might be helpful.

Simon Singh

Good Thinking is a Registered Charity No.1147404


The Good Thinking Society is a small charity, which is largely funded by donations from its founder, Simon Singh. He will continue to fund Good Thinking with further donations and by offering to speak at fundraising events for any institution interested in lectures on cryptography, alternative medicine, The Simpsons & Their Mathematical Secrets, cosmology, Fermat’s Last Theorem and science in the media. The goal is to raise £20,000 at ten such events in 2014 and 2015. Good Thinking is particularly grateful for a donation of almost £4,000 from QEDcon in 2013.

Sunday Telegraph, 10th May 2015

Good Thinking Media Coverage

From time to time our work results in coverage in the mainstream media – this is an archive of media coverage of our work. 2015 Disgraced American ‘healer’ who claims he can cure cancer and is linked to deaths of two 11-year-old girls begins lucrative UK tour today (Daily Mail, 20th June 2015) American ‘healer’ …

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Picture of Simon Singh


Johnnie Shannon (Campaign Manager) With a background in geology and remote sensing, Johnnie probably first discovered the skeptical movement through Ben Goldacre’s column in The Guardian, became a minor activist through the Singh / BCA case and interest blossomed over time through conversation at various venues. Occasional stand in convenor at Leicester Skeptics in the Pub, he …

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