Mathematics Projects by Good Thinking

Deborah Gauld, Simon Singh, Sarah Hart and June Barrow-Green celebrate the unveiling of the Ramanujan Plaque

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician logo

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician

“Who Wants to Be a Mathematician” is a national high school competition held annually in America, involving more than two thousand students. Back in January 2016, Good Thinking’s Simon Singh was lucky enough to attend the final in Seattle, and in autumn 2016 we worked with Mike Breen, the AMS and Matt Parker to run a …

Top-Top Set Maths

The Top-Top Set Maths project is running a pilot in thirteen secondary schools. The project encourages schools to create a Top-Top Set, in addition to their standard setting, to cater for the top ~7.5% of students. The aim of the pilot is to maximise the potential of numerate and ambitious students (starting in Year 7), …