Mathematics Projects by Good Thinking

Deborah Gauld, Simon Singh, Sarah Hart and June Barrow-Green celebrate the unveiling of the Ramanujan Plaque

  • Parallel Project – a free weekly miscellany of maths aimed at secondary school students.
  • Maths Masterclassesa programme of online maths tuition designed to stretch and challenge keen young mathematicians, run in partnership with the charity Talent-Ed. We currently offer weekly small group online tutorials to over 700 students around the UK.
  • Monthly Maths Challenge – a programme of webinars, currently aimed at students in Key Stage 3 in the UK, who were nominated in 2021. We plan to offer different webinars for different age groups, and we intend to open to these webinars to all students around the world in Autumn 2022.
  • Top-Top Set Maths – a project that stretches the most able students.
  • Who Wants to Be a Mathematician? – an annual maths competition for secondary schools.
  • Ramanujan PlaqueIn 2016, Good Thinking funded a plaque to mark the famous conversation between Ramanujan and Hardy about the number 1,729. The plaque was officially unveiled to the public at an event on June 16th.
Who Wants to Be a Mathematician logo

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician

“Who Wants to Be a Mathematician” was a national high school competition held annually in America, involving more than 5,000 students. Good Thinking worked with Mike Breen and the American Mathematical Society to run a UK version of the competition in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, including sending our UK winners to attend the international …

Top-Top Set Maths

The Top-Top Set Maths project has been running since 2016, and is currently running a pilot in 32 classes across eight secondary schools. The project encourages schools to create a Top-Top Set, in addition to their standard setting, to cater for the top ~10% of students. The aim of the pilot is to maximise the …