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Our complaint against Omnia “Radiation Balancer” informally resolved by the ASA

The Omnia Radiation Balancer is a small sticker claimed to harmonise and balance the radiation from wireless devices. According to Omnia’s website, it is vital that you apply one sticker to each of your devices, “because each device is bringing you into contact with the imbalanced energy of microwave radiation”. The stickers start at £54 …

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BBC upholds our complaint against homeopathy item on “Health: Truth or Scare”

The BBC Executive Complaints Unit has partly upheld our complaint against an item on homeopathy, which featured in the BBC One programme Health: Truth or Scare. The item explored a range of opinions on homeopathy, seeking views from a GP and from homeopath George Garlick. It also showed a trial of homeopathy on a patient …

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BBC upholds our complaint against “Claudia tries… Ear Candling”

The BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit has upheld our complaint against “Claudia tries… Ear Candling”, a short video which appeared on the Glasgow based digital platform, The Social. We were concerned that the video gave the misleading impression that ear candling is both effective and safe. The presenter, Claudia Scott, said ear candles are known for …

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ASA upholds our complaint against weight loss supplement claims

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld our complaint against misleading advertising claims made by supplement company USN (UK) Ltd. The ASA investigated claims relating to three “weight loss” products advertised on the website USN’s CLA Thermo was claimed to offer “vital nutrients that cause a Thermogenic reaction within the body”. Phedra Cut Lipo XT …

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BBC upholds our complaint against BBC Radio Leeds homeopathy phone-in

The BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit has upheld our complaint against a homeopathy phone-in on Liz Green’s BBC Radio Leeds programme. Listeners were encouraged to call and text in to say whether homeopathy “has worked for them”. Two of the three callers interviewed were homeopaths, who were given significant air time and claimed that homeopathy is …

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop health product ‘dangerous to expecting mothers’ (Sunday Times)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop has been reported to British regulators over 113 alleged breaches of UK advertising law. Good Thinking Society, a charity that promotes scientific thinking, has accused the Oscar-winning actress of presiding over a company that issues “potentially dangerous” advice related to “unproven” health products.

Charity criticises Kingston ‘alternative medicine’ practitioner over methods (SW Londoner)

A Surbiton-based alternative medicine practitioner has been labelled ‘irresponsible’ by an anti-pseudoscience charity for offering treatments ‘without good evidence’ for conditions including cancer. Caroline Cai, Contemporary Chinese Therapy owner, offers alternative medicine therapies such as acupuncture, deep-tissue massages, moxibustion, cupping and herbs to help with an array of conditions ranging from major illnesses to minor …

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Chiropractor raises concerns about physiotherapy advertisers, but physios appear to be much more evidence based than chiropractors

We regularly monitor chiropractic and osteopathy websites and urge regulators to act against practitioners making misleading claims. Should we be looking at physiotherapy too? A chiropractor emailed us recently explaining that he thinks our work should be across the board for manual therapists. He also highlighted five physiotherapy websites, all of which were making misleading …

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ASA upholds our complaint against osteopath claiming to treat paediatric conditions

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld our complaint against osteopath Nicholas Handoll (t/a Hereford Clinic of Osteopathy and Complementary Medicine). He has continued to make misleading advertising claims regarding a range of infant and childhood conditions, despite clear warnings from regulators. A page entitled “Infants and Children” stated: Osteopaths are first-contact practitioners, trained to undertake …

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eBay removes listings for dangerous cancer ‘cure’ after investigation by Good Thinking

eBay has removed all listings for black salve after an investigation by Good Thinking revealed that the dangerous (and ineffective) alternative cancer ‘cure’ was not only available for purchase from the company’s website, but could be delivered via their ‘Click and Collect’ service to a large number of high street stores. After spotting Black Salve for …

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