The Good Magic Award Winner 2021 announced

This year, it was decided that the Good Magic Award, worth £2,000, would support a new and innovative project that promotes the art of magic. We received many impressive applications and after careful consideration, the judging panel selected James Green to receive the award.

James Green runs a blog researching and reporting amazing stories of magicians during World War Two, including those involved in entertainment, espionage and code breaking. He would now like to carry out additional and in-depth research into little-known stories of magicians who became POWs, including the dramatic events leading to their capture and their incredible attempts to escape confinement. These inspirational stories will illustrate how human resilience and ingenuity can overcome adversity, and how the underlying mindset is vital for dealing with negative life events.

The Good Magic Award will allow James to expand his work, and to ensure that these magical and inspirational stories reach new audiences.

Congratulations to our worthy winner, and thank you to everyone who submitted an application.