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Leading retailers respond to widespread condemnation of Get Well magazine

Serious concerns about health misinformation had previously led to a magazine being removed from shelves. A rebranded, relaunched version was soon widely condemned. Tesco has now confirmed they are no longer selling Get Well magazine. We hope other retailers will soon follow suit. What Doctors Don’t Tell You recently relaunched in print as Get Well, …

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BBC upholds our complaint against homeopathy item on “Health: Truth or Scare”

The BBC Executive Complaints Unit has partly upheld our complaint against an item on homeopathy, which featured in the BBC One programme Health: Truth or Scare. The item explored a range of opinions on homeopathy, seeking views from a GP and from homeopath George Garlick. It also showed a trial of homeopathy on a patient …

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BBC upholds our complaint against “Claudia tries… Ear Candling”

The BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit has upheld our complaint against “Claudia tries… Ear Candling”, a short video which appeared on the Glasgow based digital platform, The Social. We were concerned that the video gave the misleading impression that ear candling is both effective and safe. The presenter, Claudia Scott, said ear candles are known for …

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Anti-vaccination claims by homeopaths exposed across the UK media

The last week has seen an extraordinary series of investigations published across the UK press, exposing the anti-vaccination claims of homeopaths in the UK. Last Monday, NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens wrote the PSA to express his concerns over their reaccreditation of the Society of Homeopaths, with his forthright letter making headlines in the Mail, Telegraph, …

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