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Inside the White Rose: an anti-vaxx, Covid conspiracy theory ecosystem

Over the past few years, I’ve given more than 100 free talks to Skeptics in the Pub groups, humanists, students, conferences, degree courses and comedy festivals – including my talks: Adventures in pseudoscience – a fun journey through almost a decade of my skeptical activism and investigations Diluting NHS Homeopathy until it’s just a memory …

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Good Thinking welcomes new Standards from the Professional Standards Authority, and the withdrawal of the Society of Homeopaths

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) has announced new Standards for voluntary registers of healthcare providers, causing the Society of Homeopaths (SoH) to withdraw from the accreditation scheme. The PSA – the government body which oversees and accredits healthcare bodies – has included in their new Standards a ‘public interest’ test, which will weigh up whether the …

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The Good Magic Award Winner 2021 announced

This year, it was decided that the Good Magic Award’s £2,000 prize would go to support a new and innovative project that promotes the art of magic. The judging panel selected James Green to receive the award.

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The Good Magic Awards – 2021

The Good Magic Award has been set up by psychologist and magician Professor Richard Wiseman in collaboration with The Good Thinking Society.

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