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The universe is an egg and the moon isn’t real: notes from a Flat Earth conference (The Guardian)

Michael Marshall attended the UK’s annual gathering of people who share the unshakeable belief that the Earth is flat.

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What I Learned From Spending Four Hours With The World’s Most Famous Conspiracy Theorist (Gizmodo)

David Icke wants you to know that he is not a racist. He may be arguably the world’s most recognisable conspiracy theorist, and yes, he has ideas that he’s happy to share about how the world’s leaders are controlled by an unseen force connected and identified through their bloodline, but he is not a racist. …

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Alternative medicine and its sceptics – Science Weekly podcast (The Guardian)

This week, Hannah Devlin asks: what are sceptics of alternative medicine saying about its rise? And what can their thoughts tell us about how the scientific sceptic movement is approaching the conversation?

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