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Anti-vaccination claims by homeopaths exposed across the UK media

The last week has seen an extraordinary series of investigations published across the UK press, exposing the anti-vaccination claims of homeopaths in the UK. Last Monday, NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens wrote the PSA to express his concerns over their reaccreditation of the Society of Homeopaths, with his forthright letter making headlines in the Mail, Telegraph, …

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Ofcom fines Ben TV £25,000 for Peter Popoff infomercials

Ofcom have fined Greener Technology Limited, the broadcaster behind BEN TV, £25,000 for airing promotions for Peter Popoff – the teleganvelist and would-be faith healer who we investigated in 2015. In the infomercials, Popoff advertises his ‘miracle water’, which he has claimed will bring viewers health, happiness and great wealth. During the programme, aired on …

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Judicial Review over PSA reaccreditation of Society of Homeopaths granted permission by High Court

Good Thinking challenged the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) over their failure to protect vulnerable autistic children from anti-vaccine proponents and potentially harmful ‘cures’ The PSA accredited the Society of Homeopaths, despite registrants of the Society of Homeopaths offering CEASE therapy – an anti-vaccine ‘cure’ for autism If successful, the challenge could see the accreditation decision …

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Superstar needed to help revolutionise maths education

An exceptional opportunity for a multi-talented maths enthusiast with huge talents both inside and outside the classroom. Three years ago, Simon Singh (author of bestselling books such as “Fermat’s Last Theorem”) created the Top-Top Set Maths Project, designed to develop maths excellence among students in non-selective state secondary schools, enabling a broader range of students …

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