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The Good Magic Award Winner 2021 announced

This year, it was decided that the Good Magic Award’s £2,000 prize would go to support a new and innovative project that promotes the art of magic. The judging panel selected James Green to receive the award.

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The Good Magic Awards – 2021

The Good Magic Award has been set up by psychologist and magician Professor Richard Wiseman in collaboration with The Good Thinking Society.

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Professional Standards Authority suspends the Society of Homeopaths

The Professional Standards Authority has suspended the Society of Homeopaths’ accreditation, after the SoH failed to meet conditions imposed upon it.

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Our complaint against Omnia “Radiation Balancer” informally resolved by the ASA

The Omnia Radiation Balancer is a small sticker claimed to harmonise and balance the radiation from wireless devices. According to Omnia’s website, it is vital that you apply one sticker to each of your devices, “because each device is bringing you into contact with the imbalanced energy of microwave radiation”. The stickers start at £54 …

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