Our complaint against Omnia “Radiation Balancer” informally resolved by the ASA

The Omnia Radiation Balancer is a small sticker claimed to harmonise and balance the radiation from wireless devices. According to Omnia’s website, it is vital that you apply one sticker to each of your devices, “because each device is bringing you into contact with the imbalanced energy of microwave radiation”. The stickers start at £54 for a pack of 3.

Omnia’s claims are misleading, unsubstantiated and utterly implausible, seeking to perpetuate and profit from unfounded fears regarding wireless technology. When an Omnia ad appeared in the Guardian newspaper, we reported it to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The complaint has now been informally resolved after Omnia assured the ASA that the ad will not appear again. Omnia also gave assurances that they will remove claims that imply radiation from wireless devices can cause harm to consumers and that the product can prevent such harm from all their advertising.

It is reassuring that the claims will not be appearing in the Guardian again. However, this came as no surprise – the Guardian had already assured us that they would review their procedures and take steps to avoid publishing similar advertising in future.

Unfortunately we are not convinced by Omnia’s assurances that they will remove problematic claims from all their advertising, given that the product itself is based on pseudoscience and even its name is misleading. At the time of writing, misleading advertising claims are still appearing on the Omnia website and on an Amazon listing for the Radiation Balancer. We will continue to share our concerns with the ASA.