First Two Small Grant Recipients

We are delighted to announce the first two recipients of our small grants. The remaining three grant recipients will be revealed next month.

Private Health Screening Awareness

£1,000 has been granted to a group headed up by Dr Margaret McCartney, a Glasgow GP and author of The Patient Paradox. Dr McCartney has been vocal in raising concerns about the pitfalls of private health screening in the UK, having discussed the issue in her FT column, the BMJ, Vogue and Radio 4’s Inside Health. For example, Dr McCartney explained why private health screening worries her and and other GPs in this blog for the Guardian.

Last year, Dr McCartney and her colleagues created the website in order to improve public awareness about private health screening tests and raise the quality of debate in the media. The grant will be used to support an on-going campaigning to improve knowledge of the issues involved with private health screening.

Margaret said on hearing of the award “I am delighted that the Good Thinking Society are able to support us to try and get better information to people who are being sent fliers advertising tests which are not supported by the evidence – and which do harm.”

Safek Savir

Safek Savir (Reasonable Doubt) is a skeptical podcast broadcast in Hebrew. They have been podcasting for two years, outputting more than 120 shows. Last year they produced a trial video-cast, which garnered over 20,000 views and generated a large amount of discussion in the comments.

Safek Savir will be using the grant of £1,000 to support their video production in order to start producing a monthly, high quality video-cast that will hopefully reach a wider audience than those already engaged with their podcast.

Yaron Assa from Safekk Savir commented “With Good Thinking’s support we will be able to extend our reach with richer and more accessible skeptical content. We look forward to repaying this honour by further promoting the passion for science, skepticism and rational discussion in new and exciting audiences.”