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Michael Marshall – Project Director Co-founder of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and co-organiser of the QED skeptical conference, 'Marsh' was the project leader and figurehead of the 10:23 Campaign, aimed at raising public awareness of homeopathy - resulting in international coverage and worldwide skeptical involvement. With a background in marketing and communications, his skeptical activism has included testing psychic claims, trialling sports performance wristbands, interviewing proponents of alternative beliefs and exposing the influences of PR in journalism.

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Good Thinking files Judicial Review over PSA reaccreditation of Society of Homeopaths

Help us protect people with autism from harmful homeopathic ‘cures’. We are challenging the Society of Homeopaths’ PSA accreditation, to keep autistic children safe from homeopaths who offer harmful CEASE therapy.

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‘It’s anti-science’: Scientists attack Prince Charles for becoming the patron of a homeopathy group (Daily Mail)

Prince Charles has been accused of promoting disproven and dangerous medical treatments in his new position as patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy. The Prince of Wales is a long-time supporter of homeopathy and has used his royal position to try to get it widely accepted. This is despite some homeopaths operating in the UK claiming …

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Prince Charles becomes patron of homeopathy group

The Guardian have today reported that Prince Charles has been announced as patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy: Prince Charles has been criticised for continuing to endorse homeopathy by becoming a patron of an organisation dedicated to promoting it. The Faculty of Homeopathy, which supports registered medical professionals with homeopathic practice, described the Prince of Wales’s …

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Scientists attack Charles for becoming Faculty of Homeopathy patron (The Times)

The Prince of Wales has been accused of using his royal position to promote disproven and dangerous treatments after Britain’s Faculty of Homeopathy announced it had made him a patron. Scientists and campaigners said it was “obscene” that the heir to the throne had accepted a formal role at the organisation, despite there being no …

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Good Thinking Supporters May 2019 Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter: Our first Year 9 TTSMP results are in, plus giving Flat Earth lectures for schools, and an update on homeopathy blacklisting.

Teaching students that the world is flat… in the name of science

Recently, our Project Director Michael Marshall visited King Alfred’s Academy in Oxfordshire on an unusual mission: to highlight proofs that the Earth is actually flat, and to encourage students to question the shape of their world. In front of a packed audience of King Alfred’s Academy students, Marshall ran through the ten most common and …

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2018-2019 UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge Results

The Top-Top Set Maths Project aims to stretch good maths students by establishing top-top sets that are more challenging that a standard top set. Three of our school have been running top-top sets for almost three years, so this year we received our first set of data from Year 9 students entering the UKMT Intermediate …

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Homeopathy prescribing set to be blacklisted under NHS England plans (Pulse)

NHS England has said it is going to ‘formally request’ that the Government ban GPs from prescribing homeopathy. In 2017, NHS England published guidance to stop prescriptions for 18 low clinical priority treatments including homeopathy given the lack of ‘clear or robust evidence’.

Journey to the edge of the earth! It’s as crazy as it sounds, an expedition by the Flat Earth Society to prove the world ISN’T round (Daily Mail)

For most people, a trip to Antarctica would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a chance to see one of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet. But early next year, there could be a journey to the bottom of the Earth with a very different purpose. Its mission could not be more startling: to prove the …

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NHS still spending £55,000 a year on homeopathy, despite ban (The Telegraph)

The NHS is still spending more than £55,000 per year on homeopathic remedies – despite doctors being told to stop prescribing them. Last night health officials said they would be asking the Government to “blacklist” such drugs, so that NHS funds could never again be spent on them.

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