Category: Alternative Cancer ‘Cures’

Cancer deaths higher among users of alternative therapies (The Times)

Cancer patients who turn to complementary medicine are more likely to die, according to new research. Therapies such as homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and specialised diets should only be used alongside conventional treatments, but experts warned some patients saw them as replacements.

Tech giants are making millions from ‘quack’ diet apps for cancer (The Times)

Hundreds of thousands of people in Britain have downloaded apps through Google and Apple that market themselves with unproven claims to treat cancer and other diseases. Among the most popular examples are those that promote “ketogenic diets” with the suggestion that they are effective in fighting cancer, even though there have been no clinical trials …

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Cancer and alternative therapies


Good Thinking are extremely concerned about fundraising appeals designed to raise money for seriously ill people to receive alternative therapies that are not considered mainstream and are typically not backed by robust evidence. Below, we look at many of the therapies we’ve seen cited in such fundraisers (particularly for cancer patients), assess the evidence for …

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