Good Thinking Investigates: Palmistry (Part 3)

In our previous readings with a palm reader, our volunteers from the Merseyside Skeptics Society were given advice they felt was misleading and irresponsible. Perhaps even worse, each of our readings began to sound eerily familiar, as demonstrated by this compilation of our clips from the three visits to the same psychic by different investigators…

Clearly it seemed our volunteers’ lives were alarmingly similar. What would happen if a fourth investigator visited a second palmist in the same booth – the daughter of the previous palmist?

All four of our volunteers received several identical ‘psychic’ statements, even when seeing two different palm readers. We strongly believe these readings were largely standard, and likely to be given to many customers who visited the booth.

With our volunteers receiving readings with few discernible differences, we feel customers can be misled into thinking they are getting a personalised reading.

We contacted the psychic to share our investigations and our concerns, but she declined to comment.

We have reported our concerns about this palm reader to Trading Standards.

Special thanks go to the volunteers from the Merseyside Skeptics Society.