Happy World Homeopathy Awareness Week!

Samuel Hahnemann - Inventor of Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann – Inventor of Homeopathy

Today marks the start of World Homeopathy Awareness Week – the annual marketing campaign run by international homeopathy groups in order to promote the pseudoscientific treatment in the press and gain attention in the wider population.

However, crucially missing from the majority of homeopathy websites during this week is much of the real information about homeopathy. It’s easy to speculate as to why this might be: raising genuine awareness of homeopathy – what it is, how it is made, and what the belief system relies on – is often the most effective way of demonstrating to people why homeopathy is not a valid treatment option.

For this reason, we have launched our own World Homeopathy Awareness Week website: www.homeopathyawarenessweek.org.

On it, we highlight twelve key points about homeopathy – points we feel the public should be more aware of, but which homeopaths almost certainly will not tell them.

We hope that by raising awareness of these points, and of the wider realities of homeopathy, people will be encouraged to examine homeopathy more closely, and to seek accurate information before making a decision about their health.

Happy World Homeopathy Awareness Week!