Homeopaths’ legal challenge to NHS England fails

Today, the British Homeopathic Association lost their legal case against NHS England, with the judge dismissing all four parts of their case. The BHA had sought to overturn NHS England’s announcement in November 2017 of new guidance which advises GP’s not to prescribe homeopathic remedies.

Michael Marshall, Project Director of the Good Thinking Society, said of the decision: “We are delighted to see the courts reject the BHA’s challenge to NHS England’s very sensible advice. The NHS should not be funding treatments that have not been shown to work. We hope NHS England are now able to implement this decision without further unnecessary delay or distraction, to help make sure resources are saved for treatments that actually work.

“However, this is only guidance to GPs from NHS England, which some GPs may choose to ignore – given that there are some GPs who are also homeopaths, this guidance won’t entirely end homeopathy prescriptions. That’s why we are calling for the Department of Health to undertake the recommendation by NHS England to add homeopathic products to the NHS Blacklist – just as we asked them to do in October 2015.

“The last few years have seen almost every part of the NHS end support for homeopathy, and this court decision only goes to further underline the fact that homeopathy warrants no place in modern healthcare.”