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How to run Top-Top Set Maths at your school

We currently have 8 schools running top-top sets in England, and we are not planning to expand the pilot further.

However, we would encourage schools to set up and run their own top-top sets.

For example, if your school has two bands, and therefore two top sets, then one approach would be to make one of the top sets a lower top set and the other an upper top set (or top-top set). Starting in Year 7, the goal would be to stretch the top-top set year after year, so that they are aiming beyond GCSE grade 9, and looking towards top grades at Further Maths A Level. Over time, there may be students who are struggling in the top-top set, and others in the lower top set who would thrive in a more challenging class, so it is important that there is the opportunity to move in and out of the top-top set.