Prince Charles becomes patron of homeopathy group

The Guardian have today reported that Prince Charles has been announced as patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy:

Prince Charles has been criticised for continuing to endorse homeopathy by becoming a patron of an organisation dedicated to promoting it.

The Faculty of Homeopathy, which supports registered medical professionals with homeopathic practice, described the Prince of Wales’s patronage as an “enormous honour”.

Upon hearing the news, Good Thinking have released the following statement:

“This news is sadly no surprise, given how routinely Prince Charles has used his Royal platform to advocate for an anti-science position when it comes to homeopathy, but it is obscene to think that the UK’s next head of state believes this is an appropriate issue to use his considerable public profile to promote.
“With so many pressing health issues in the world today – from antibiotic resistance, to the rise of anti-vaccination sentiments, to the need for increased mental health awareness – this seems like not only a missed opportunity, but actively counter-productive.
“We have been reminded only recently that plenty of homeopaths claim to be able to treat autism and discourage vaccinations – if Prince Charles wants to have a genuine positive effect on the health of the nation he intends to one day rule, he should side against those who offer dangerously misleading advice, rather than fighting their corner.”

Michael Marshall, Project Director, Good Thinking Society