Who Wants to Be a Mathematician is back!

eft to right: Simon Singh (Good Thinking), Yuji Okitani (Tapton Academy), Charlie Hu (City of London School), Simon Wisniewski (St Paul's Catholic College), winner Connie Bambridge-Sutton (Reigate Grammar School), John Harber (King's College London Mathematics School), Shavindra Jayasekera (Wilson's School), Matt Parker (Maths Fest). Photo by Ben Sparks.

Some of the 2016/17 finalists, including winner Connie Bambridge-Sutton (Reigate Grammar School).

Win $10,000 and a trip to California.

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician is a terrific maths contest for high school students across America, and last year we ran a separate UK version involving 200 schools and 800 students. It was a huge success, so this year the contest is back… and this time we are going to be part of the American competition, which means the prizes and the prestige are going to be flabbergasting:

  • At least 4 UK students will be invited to a live final in London.
  • Finalists all win £100 of maths books and goodies.
  • The UK winner earns a place in the international final in California.
  • The winner and a guardian will be flown to San Diego, all expenses paid.
  • The overall winner wins $5,000 for themselves & $5,000 for their school.

We are delighted to announce that the Maths Department at the University of Southampton will be sponsoring the UK competition. You can find out more about this world class maths department by visiting their website. Of course, if you have taken part in the Cipher Challenge, then you will already be familiar with Southampton’s great enthusiasm for encouraging mathematicians in schools.

We will be announcing more details of the competition in the next few weeks, so please email us at marsh@goodthinkingsociety.org to be added to our mailing list and to receive entry details as soon as they become available.

For the time-being, it might help to know:

  • The contest is open to students living and studying in the UK during that particular academic yea.
  • The contest is aimed at sixth formers, but younger entrants are welcome.
  • Round 1 is conducted online in each school.
  • The highest scoring students enter Round 2, also online.
  • The best of the best will take part in the live London final.
  • The winner of the final will take part in the American final.
  • It is free to enter Who Wants to Be a Mathematician.