David Colquhoun and Suzi Gage Joint Winners of 2012 UK Science Blog Prize

Good Thinking is delighted to announce the results of the 2012 UK Science Blog Prize.

The judges deliberated long and hard but in the end could not separate the relative merits of David and Suzi and thus decided to split the award this year. Simon Singh, who helped judge the prize, said: “It was hard to compare such a diverse range of blogs, on a wide variety of topics. Bloggers ranged from teenagers to emeritus professors, from doctors to astronomers. In the end, it seem fairest to recognize this diversity by splitting the prize between two excellent bloggers.”

We would like to thank the judges for all the time they spent in the process and we would especially like to thank everyone who entered. It became a constant refrain among the judges that they were both hugely impressed with the quality of the science writing and gratified that this gave them an opportunity to discover blogs that otherwise may have passed them by.