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Let’s congratulate WHSmith for deciding not to stock “What Doctors Don’t Tell You”

In October, WHSmith stopped selling the magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You. Although we are not aware if this was as a result of complaints from those who support evidence-based medicine, we applaud this decision heartily. What Doctors Don’t Tell You has since been campaigning for a return, untruthfully claiming to have been “banned” following …

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Tesco embraces NutriCentre and peddles quackery

The controversial magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You is now back in Tesco despite warnings from doctors that it is dangerously misleading. This, however, is not the only link between Tesco and quackery: the supermarket giant now seems happy to be associated with the harmful products and bad advice offered by NutriCentre. Located on the …

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‘Cancer – There is Hope’ seminars reported to Trading Standards

Trading Standards officers have contacted venues in Manchester and Milton Keynes warning them against possible breaches of the Cancer Act (1939). Dr Francisco Contreras of the Oasis of Hope clinic in Mexico is to discuss his “innovative integrative programme” in London, Milton Keynes and Manchester. After hearing of the planned seminars, I wrote to Trading …

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“What Doctors Don’t Tell You” survey

The June issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You first hit the shelves on 28th May. Have you seen this magazine? To take part in our survey, please look in your local stores and then email with the following information: Name of store Branch Date of visit Issue availability (May / June / not …

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Response to the Saatchi Bill consultation

The public consultation on the Medical Innovation Bill (‘Saatchi Bill’) closed on Friday 25th April. The Good Thinking Society submitted the following response:   Question 1: Do you have experience or evidence to suggest that the possibility of litigation sometimes deters doctors from innovation? No. Under current laws, it would not be negligent of a …

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Opposing the Saatchi Bill

We share concerns that the Medical Innovation Bill (‘Saatchi Bill’) is unnecessary and flawed. The following letter was published in The Times on Monday, signed by Laura Thomason on behalf of the Good Thinking Society.   Sir, We oppose the Medical Innovation Bill (aka the Saatchi Bill) which seeks to promote medical innovation by dispensing …

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