Good Thinking Investigates: Chiropractic

In 2008, the British Chiropractic Association unsuccessfully sued science writer Simon Singh for highlighting that there is no reliable evidence that chiropractic can treat colic.

Six years later, we wanted to find out whether chiropractors would still treat babies suffering from colic.

While this conversation has been edited for length, we have taken care to retain the meaning and intent of the original discussion.

The chiropractic clinic suggested that colic can be caused by a problematic labour, or even by having a caesarean section. We were told that the chiropractor would routinely treat babies as young as one week old, and that eight weeks old is ‘seven weeks too late’. It was also implied that vaccination is unnecessary and that chiropractic could reduce the need for medication.

We have shared our findings with the General Chiropractic Council as part of a formal complaint. We will also be calling other chiropractors, to see whether they would treat colic.

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