Good Thinking Investigates: Sosatec Wellbalancer

Sosatec Bionics Ltd sell pendants and products (“Wellbalancers”) to protect against what they claim is harmful radiation emitted by mobile phones and WiFi – claims which are highly questionable. They claim their products, which sell for £30-£44, are “made of high grade electronic silica programmed with natural botanical frequencies”.

The scaremongering around mobile phone radiation provokes unfounded health fears in the general public. We witnessed David Bendall (CEO and founder of Sosatec) supposedly demonstrating the effects of his product, using physical demonstrations which we felt were, at best, misleading…

When evaluating whether a product can genuinely offer help, be wary of subjective tests and demonstrations, which can be subject to bias. Physical test such as those used by Sosatec Wellness appear to be based on Applied Kinesiology – a system used to demonstrate all manner of products and treatments. These tests are never reliable, and should not be taken as evidence of efficacy.

When we asked Sosatec Wellbalancer for a comment on our investigation, we were told:

We have many testimonials from users who are genuinely satisfied with our products.

We are not in any way trying to scaremonger people into buying our product or making claims which are untrue. We clearly state in the video that the test which was demonstrated at the exhibition is subjective. We do have other evidence to support the effects of our devices which can help assist with homeostatic re-balancing and so reduce oxidative stress, including the BTE isometric strength tests ( which are measurable), and the Dynamometer hand strength tests ( which are measurable). The effects of Wi-Fi and oxidative stress are also evidenced in a report from Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, MD, Public Health Department, Salzburg, Austria, on behalf of the Austrian Medical Association, the result of which was a recommendation for Wi-Fi free school environments. These are stated on our website and were referred to in the literature available at the exhibition.

We are merely pointing out that in today’s world we are constantly surrounded by electronic devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, there are many more than just mobile phone devices. We also provide tips on how to reduce exposure to these and people can therefore make informed decisions.

There were of course many sceptics about passive smoking in the early days, but eventually action has been taken by Governments to reduce the risk. At this stage in the development of usage of electronic devices, we really don’t know what effect these are having on our wellbeing, particularly in the long term.

David Bendall Sosa CEO and Founder
19 December 2014

We made a full report of the claims on Sosatec Wellbalancer’s website to the ASA, who told us they were concerned by the claims and that they intend to address the problem.

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