Good Thinking Investigates: Homeopathic Pharmacies

Freemans homeopathic pharmacy in Glasgow stocks over 3,400 remedies… including Homeopathic ‘Horned Owl’. We decided to find out what homeopathic owl should be used for…

Other homeopathic remedies on sale include Asbestos, E. Coli, Uranium and a range of vaccines.

Freeman’s currently provide homeopathic treatments to NHS Bristol and NHS Glasgow, costing tens of thousands of pounds per year.

We contacted Freeman’s with our findings. They told us:

“Our assistant responded in good faith to what she believed was a genuine enquiry for general information on a homeopathic sarcode. She did not respond to symptoms, made no specific claims of effectiveness and explained that we would not counter prescribe such a remedy. She also explained, in general terms, a method of homeopathic prescribing pioneered by Rajan Sankaran and used by many doctors trained in homeopathy.

“Any person may access specific remedy information online or in published literature such as a materia medica and self treat as they see fit.

“In accordance with MHRA guidelines, any remedy of any potency in excess of the minimum level set by the European Directive, if requested by name, will be prepared by our pharmacist and supplied, assuming it is safe to do so.”


Homeopathic Owl, purchased from Freeman’s Homeopathic Pharmacy in April 2015.

However, despite Freeman’s assurances that these unlicensed remedies would not be sold over the counter, after this recording was made we successfully bought a homeopathic owl remedy from the Freeman’s website. On that occasion, nobody asked us for a prescription or made it clear that the remedy should not be sold without one.

No homeopathic remedy has ever proven to be effective for any condition.

Good Thinking are campaigning to end NHS funding for homeopathic remedies.

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