Have your say on NHS Homeopathy funding in Enfield

Last year, our campaign to end NHS funding for homeopathy achieved significant successes, with funding ending in both Liverpool and Wirral CCGs. The participation of the public in both consultations was key, letting the CCGs know that limited NHS resources should not be frittered away on ineffective treatments such as homeopathy.

We are very pleased to see that NHS Enfield CCG now reconsidering its funding for homeopathy, with a public consultation that closes on June 30th – and it’s time once again for the skeptical, science and medical communities to have their say.

You can respond to the CCG via their online survey, which is open to everyone, even if you are not a resident of Enfield: http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/Adherencetoevidencebasedmedicine/

(Note: questions 1-6 refer to their proposed policies on knee surgeries, hernias, and other interventions – you could answer “Not Sure” to those questions if you don’t feel you have a strong opinion).

According to their figures, NHS Enfield CCG spends £160,000 per year on homeopathy – enough to pay for seven full-time nurses[1]. We understand there are 17 CCGs in London funding homeopathy, each with a similar annual spend, totalling around £3m in London alone. If NHS Enfield CCG takes this step to end homeopathy funding, it will help encourage the other CCGs in London to follow suit, with significant savings to the NHS.

In the full consultation document, NHS Enfield CCG has outlined their preference to decommission the homeopathy service, and we know that groups such as the Society of Homeopaths have been instructing their members to take part in the consultation to defend homeopathy, so it is vital that supporters of reason and evidence-based medicine submit their thoughts, too.

This consultation is an opportunity for the skeptical community to have our say, and to make our opinions known. We have seen already that a strong show of support from the public can help health bodies stand up to pressure from pro-homeopathy supporters.

Please take 5 minutes to ensure the reputation of the NHS is not used to lend credibility to a system of alternative medicine that can offer no benefits to patients. Take the survey now >>

Once you’ve taken the survey, be sure to share it with friends and colleagues – the more submissions against homeopathy that NHS Enfield CCG, the better chance we have of helping them make the right decision.

We have three weeks until the consultation closes – help us make that time count.

[1] http://www.payscale.com/research/UK/Job=Staff_Nurse/Salary