Our submission to the Charity Commission’s CAM charities review

Last month we wrote about the consultation by the Charity Commission on the charitable status of organisations that promote complementary and alternative therapies, such as those that promote homeopathy to treat HIV patients in Africa.

The consultation, which came as a result of our correspondence with the Charity Commission last September, is an opportunity for the public to share their thoughts on whether organisations who promote treatments that are not based in evidence should be granted charitable status.

Good Thinking has sent our own submission to the Charity Commission, sharing our thoughts on each of the questions asked, as well as highlighting issues we feel are important for the Commission to consider.

Read Good Thinking’s submission >> 

The deadline for submissions is Friday May 19th, and the importance of this review is worth reiterating: if the Charity Commission decide, based in part on the feedback they receive, to implement a policy requiring a good standard of scientific evidence before a treatment can be promoted by a charity, it will ensure charitable status is not lent to quackery.

We know that we are not alone in encouraging the public to respond – homeopaths, alternative health magazines, practitioners and other pro-CAM sources have encouraged their supporters to send their views to the Charity Commission. It is important that the Commission hears from a wide range of voices, to ensure they are not overloaded by calls to put anecdotes and bias before data and evidence.

Please take a moment to send in your own submission.

Details of the consultation are available on the Charity Commission website, and submissions can be made via email to legalcharitablestatus@charitycommission.gsi.gov.uk, but you must respond before May 19th, 2017.

To help understand how best to respond, you can read our guide to responding, and read Good Thinking’s submission.