Have your say on NHS Homeopathy in Bristol – by April 15th

Last August, we highlighted a consultation by Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire CCGs to end NHS Homeopathy funding. The consultation ended on August 15th, but the CCGs chose not to release the results, electing instead to wait until NHS England had announced the results of their own consultation, which they did in November 2017.

Following NHS England’s decision to advise GPs not to prescribe homeopathic treatments – and to call for the Department of Health to go as far as blacklisting homeopathy – the CCGs in the South West have reopened their consultation, soliciting thoughts from the public on whether to maintain, reduce or effectively end their homeopathy service.

The consultation closes on April 15th, and you can take part via their online form:  https://www.bristolccg.nhs.uk/get-involved/nhs-proposals-january-2018/reviewing-homeopathy-services/

Your submission could be a single paragraph, briefly explaining your background, your interest in the subject, your opinion and reasons. You don’t have to be from the Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire regions to share your thoughts, but if you do live in those areas, your views will be particularly important.

With the recent announcement of the end of homeopathy in London, these CCGs in the South West represent the last three CCGs in England to still fund homeopathy services. Your participation can help ensure they follow the example of Liverpool CCG, Wirral CCG and the London CCGs in ending the waste of NHS resources on these ineffective treatments.

Once you’ve shared your thoughts via the online form, please encourage others to do so to. You could share a message like this:

I’ve shared my thoughts on whether the NHS should keep funding homeopathy in Bristol. You can too: https://www.bristolccg.nhs.uk/get-involved/nhs-proposals-january-2018/reviewing-homeopathy-services/ @GoodThinkingSoc

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