Warning over ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ conference in Farnham, Surrey

mmsThis weekend sees the latest in a series of alternative health events promoted by members of the Genesis II Church – the organisation set up by Jim Humble in order to promote his ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ around the world. This latest event is due to take place in Farnham, Surrey, with precise details of the location and content still shrouded in secrecy. What we do know is that tickets to the weekend cost $400, and that the event will involve the promotion and sale of ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’, also known as Chlorine Dioxide Solution or Sodium Chlorite – a form of chemical bleach falsely promoted for illnesses including cancer, HIV, malaria and autism.

The weekend is being organised by the same group who were behind the recent ‘Spirit of Health’ conference in Sussex. Our investigation into ‘Spirit of Health’ made front page news in the Daily Telegraph last month when speakers at the event advised elderly and vulnerable cancer patients that their treatments offered “a 100 per cent cure for any sort of skin cancer” and could work to treat throat cancer. It is highly possible that equally dangerous claims will be made at the event this coming weekend.

With this in mind, we have alerted the local media to the event, and are working with Trading Standards to ensure the misleading claims of its organisers and speakers get the attention and investigation they deserve. We are also working with skeptics in the area to ensure the local MP – Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt – is aware of the event and the health danger it represents.

It’s crucially important that vulnerable members of the public are protected from highly dangerous misinformation, as it’s clear these kind of events could cause some to make a tragic and fatal mistake.

Coverage of the event: