Good Thinking Job Vacancy

Applications are now closed Since Simon Singh launched his Good Thinking Society last year, the organisation has gradually begun to initiate projects in line with its motto: “encouraging curious minds and promoting rational enquiry”. In addition to organising last year’s science blogging prize and offering small grants to promote scepticism, Good Thinking is investigating bad …

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Health Thermometer Launched

We have just launched our latest project; the Health Thermometer. We will be monitoring the major newspapers for sensationalist, inaccurate and scaremongering health journalism. We want to identify the worst offenders in order to warn and inform the general public and, hopefully, drive up standards. You can find out more about the project here.

QED Unicorn’s Lair

Thanks to Edinburgh and Horsham Skeptics in the Pubs for submitting proposals for our £500 SitP grant project. Simon Clare from Horsham Skeptics in the Pub wanted to help set up SitPs around Kent, and requested funding to run pilot events in Canterbury, Maidstone and Ashford. His goal is to establish new SitP groups in …

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Final Three Small Grant Awards

We are delighted to announce the final three awards for our small grants: Edinburgh Skeptics on The Fringe Edinburgh Skeptics in the Pub have been running a successful programme of events during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This grant of £1,000 will help support a range of potential ideas, from hosting events in larger venues to greater cross-promotion …

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First Two Small Grant Recipients

We are delighted to announce the first two recipients of our small grants. The remaining three grant recipients will be revealed next month. Private Health Screening Awareness £1,000 has been granted to a group headed up by Dr Margaret McCartney, a Glasgow GP and author of The Patient Paradox. Dr McCartney has been vocal in …

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Small Grants Update

We had hoped to award our small grants by mid-January, but evaluating the proposals has taken longer than anticipated. The bad news, of course, is that some proposals were unsuccessful, and those involved have already been notified. However, the good news is that we now have a list of five proposals that we will be …

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Good Thinking at QEDcon – Response to Comments

As some of you will know, Good Thinking was planning to offer a £500 grant to a SitP group at this year’s QEDcon. Yesterday, @mjrobbins tweeted: “I just think SITPs competing with each other is against everything that @SITP is about. I hope nobody applies.” He also tweeted: “If @QEDcon had any sense, this sort …

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What Would Your SitP Group do with £500?

qedcon logo

Good Thinking is keen to fund scepticism. This year, at QED, we want to give £500 to a Skeptics in the Pub group. If you can come up with an idea that requires this sort of funding you’re in with a chance. All you need to do is submit a short proposal (max 200 words) …

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Voting for the Golden Duck at Skeptics in the Pub

Crispian Jago of Winchester Skeptics in the Pub describes the voting process for the Golden Duck: Science, reason, and good thinking are concepts that resonate well with the good folk of Winchester. When Winchester Skeptics in the Pub started inviting science writers, broadcasters and academics to come down and talk about various topics from a …

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Adam Finn Comments on the Golden Duck Winner

The Golden Duck 2012

Adam Finn, Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Bristol, had this to say upon hearing of Wakefield’s victory in the Golden Duck: In the past, a small minority of people thought that vaccines were unsafe, unnecessary and/or unnatural. However, a large majority accepted them as one of the many benefits of modern life, alongside …

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