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Have you been mulling over an idea in your head – maybe a bit of skeptical activism, or something that would be good for the public understanding of science? It’s a great idea, but it would need some money to get it going. Well, we may be able to help out. Good Thinking has a …

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The Golden Duck: Nominations are Open

Head of a Golden Duck

We are delighted to announce that we will be offering an annual prize for quackery each December. Such a prize has worked well in other countries to highlight general quackery. In future years we’ll be concentrating on specific areas of quackery, but for our first award we thought it would be good to honour someone who has …

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A Message from Simon

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Welcome to Good Thinking, a small UK-based organisation devoted to promoting science and debunking pseudoscience. You can find out more about our initial projects on this site, including our small grants programme. You can keep up to date on our future projects by following @goodthinkingsoc on Twitter.  

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