Flat Earthers: What They Believe and Why (Scientific American)

Michael Marshall, project director of the Good Thinking Society in the U.K., talks about flat earth belief and its relationship to conspiracy theories and other antiscience activities.

Cashing-in on Coronavirus: the charlatans and crackpots out to make a buck (Mirror)

From bogus health workers to investment scammers, a repugnant minority is out to exploit the coronavirus crisis. I suppose that it was never going to be long before unscrupulous rogues started to take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak.

Homeopaths promise coronavirus prevention and cures, as health officials criticise ‘misinformation’ (Telegraph)

Homeopaths who are promoting “remedies” to prevent or treat coronavirus have been accused of exploiting public anxiety by health officials. A Telegraph investigation can reveal that a number of homeopaths in the UK are claiming there are homeopathic “remedies” that can prevent or treat coronavirus.

Warning over coronavirus scam ‘cures’ being promoted online (Telegraph)

Experts have warned that people seeking treatments and cures for coronavirus online risk being exposed to potentially dangerous homemade remedies and cybercriminals. Websites promoting bogus cures including bleach drinks, nasal sprays and even necklaces have appeared as the virus has spread to infect more than 80,000 people around the world.

The Professional Standards Authority opts to reaccredit Society of Homeopaths for 2020

The Professional Standards Authority have today announced their decision to reaccredit the Society of Homeopaths for 2020, subject to a number of conditions. This follows their 2019 decision to reaccredit the Society – a decision we believe was unlawful, which is why we elected to challenge that reaccreditation via Judicial Review. As our legal challenge …

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Homeopaths ‘Forbidden’ From Offering Autism ‘Treatment’ By Government Watchdog (Independent)

Homeopaths have been warned by a government watchdog that they have three months to stop advertising therapies that claim to treat autism. The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) said on Thursday that it would be renewing its accreditation of the Society of Homeopaths on the condition it could no longer claim to treat certain conditions.

Can crowdfunding for cancer treatment ever truly work? (The Telegraph)

Online appeals increasingly offer a lifeline for desperate patients, but the money can come with complications explains Jennie Agg

Our Judicial Review over accreditation of Society of Homeopaths to be heard March 18th-19th

Last year, we reported that our Judicial Review challenging the accreditation of the Society of Homeopaths would be heard by the High Court. We have now been given a date for our full hearing: March 18th-19th. Supporters of ours will remember that Good Thinking challenged the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), the government body which overseas …

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For Schools: Teaching students that the world is flat… in the name of science

Our Project Director Michael Marshall has been visiting schools with an unusual mission: to highlight proofs that the Earth is actually flat, and to encourage students to question the shape of their world. In his talk, Marshall runs through the ten most common and persuasive arguments that the world is not a spinning ball, pointing …

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Leading retailers respond to widespread condemnation of Get Well magazine

Serious concerns about health misinformation had previously led to a magazine being removed from shelves. A rebranded, relaunched version was soon widely condemned. Tesco has now confirmed they are no longer selling Get Well magazine. We hope other retailers will soon follow suit. What Doctors Don’t Tell You recently relaunched in print as Get Well, …

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