Our Judicial Review over accreditation of Society of Homeopaths to be heard March 18th-19th

Last year, we reported that our Judicial Review challenging the accreditation of the Society of Homeopaths would be heard by the High Court. We have now been given a date for our full hearing: March 18th-19th. Supporters of ours will remember that Good Thinking challenged the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), the government body which overseas …

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For Schools: Teaching students that the world is flat… in the name of science

Our Project Director Michael Marshall has been visiting schools with an unusual mission: to highlight proofs that the Earth is actually flat, and to encourage students to question the shape of their world. In his talk, Marshall runs through the ten most common and persuasive arguments that the world is not a spinning ball, pointing …

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Leading retailers respond to widespread condemnation of Get Well magazine

Serious concerns about health misinformation had previously led to a magazine being removed from shelves. A rebranded, relaunched version was soon widely condemned. Tesco has now confirmed they are no longer selling Get Well magazine. We hope other retailers will soon follow suit. What Doctors Don’t Tell You recently relaunched in print as Get Well, …

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Outrage as anti-vaxx film backed by disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield is to be shown at a council-owned venue (Daily Mail)

A controversial anti- vaccination film backed by disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield is to be shown in Britain. The documentary, called Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth, is due to be screened at a council-owned venue. Campaigners warned the film ‘puts children’s lives at risk’, while the NHS said the ‘con-artists’ behind it ‘risk the health of our whole society’.

BBC upholds our complaint against homeopathy item on “Health: Truth or Scare”

The BBC Executive Complaints Unit has partly upheld our complaint against an item on homeopathy, which featured in the BBC One programme Health: Truth or Scare. The item explored a range of opinions on homeopathy, seeking views from a GP and from homeopath George Garlick. It also showed a trial of homeopathy on a patient …

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BBC upholds our complaint against “Claudia tries… Ear Candling”

The BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit has upheld our complaint against “Claudia tries… Ear Candling”, a short video which appeared on the Glasgow based digital platform, The Social. We were concerned that the video gave the misleading impression that ear candling is both effective and safe. The presenter, Claudia Scott, said ear candles are known for …

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Thomas Frith wins UK ‘Who Wants to Be a Mathematician’ Final

Our 2018/19 winner Olivia Guo, pictured with Matt Parker and Simon Singh.

Thomas Frith from Horsforth School near Leeds was today crowned the 20198 UK winner of Who Wants to Be a Mathematician, our annual search for the country’s top young mathematical mind. We’d like to say a big congratulations to Thomas in winning a tough final, against his fellow finalists Sarah Gleghorn from Skipton Girls’ High …

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Anti-vaccination claims by homeopaths exposed across the UK media

The last week has seen an extraordinary series of investigations published across the UK press, exposing the anti-vaccination claims of homeopaths in the UK. Last Monday, NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens wrote the PSA to express his concerns over their reaccreditation of the Society of Homeopaths, with his forthright letter making headlines in the Mail, Telegraph, …

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Ofcom fines Ben TV £25,000 for Peter Popoff infomercials

Ofcom have fined Greener Technology Limited, the broadcaster behind BEN TV, £25,000 for airing promotions for Peter Popoff – the teleganvelist and would-be faith healer who we investigated in 2015. In the infomercials, Popoff advertises his ‘miracle water’, which he has claimed will bring viewers health, happiness and great wealth. During the programme, aired on …

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Judicial Review over PSA reaccreditation of Society of Homeopaths granted permission by High Court

Good Thinking challenged the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) over their failure to protect vulnerable autistic children from anti-vaccine proponents and potentially harmful ‘cures’ The PSA accredited the Society of Homeopaths, despite registrants of the Society of Homeopaths offering CEASE therapy – an anti-vaccine ‘cure’ for autism If successful, the challenge could see the accreditation decision …

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