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Homeopaths ‘risking lives with bogus coronavirus treatments’ (The Times)

Medical experts have condemned homeopaths they accuse of giving false hope to coronavirus victims by offering bogus treatments. Across the country, hundreds of homeopathic practitioners have been identified using the pandemic to drive sales of “remedies” and consultations. The Times built a database together with the Good Thinking Society, a pro-science charity, to identify practitioners selling virus-related products …

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Prince Charles becomes patron of homeopathy group

The Guardian have today reported that Prince Charles has been announced as patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy: Prince Charles has been criticised for continuing to endorse homeopathy by becoming a patron of an organisation dedicated to promoting it. The Faculty of Homeopathy, which supports registered medical professionals with homeopathic practice, described the Prince of Wales’s …

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Homeopathy prescribing set to be blacklisted under NHS England plans (Pulse)

NHS England has said it is going to ‘formally request’ that the Government ban GPs from prescribing homeopathy. In 2017, NHS England published guidance to stop prescriptions for 18 low clinical priority treatments including homeopathy given the lack of ‘clear or robust evidence’.

NHS Bristol ends funding for homeopathy, ending all homeopathy commissioning in England

Today, CCGs in the Bristol area became the latest and final NHS England CCGs to end the commissioning of homeopathic remedies, marking a significant victory in our long-running campaign to challenge NHS spending on the pseudoscientific treatment. Michael Marshall, Project Director of the Good Thinking Society, said: “We are very pleased to see the Bristol …

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Homeopaths’ legal challenge to NHS England fails

Today, the British Homeopathic Association lost their legal case against NHS England, with the judge dismissing all four parts of their case. The BHA had sought to overturn NHS England’s announcement in November 2017 of new guidance which advises GP’s not to prescribe homeopathic remedies. Michael Marshall, Project Director of the Good Thinking Society, said …

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Have your say on NHS Homeopathy in Bristol – by April 15th

Last August, we highlighted a consultation by Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire CCGs to end NHS Homeopathy funding. The consultation ended on August 15th, but the CCGs chose not to release the results, electing instead to wait until NHS England had announced the results of their own consultation, which they did in November 2017. …

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NHS Homeopathy ends in London


Last week, the BBC covered the latest development in our campaign to stop NHS homeopathy, revealing that the Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine will no longer be allowed to offer homeopathy consultations to NHS patients, effectively ending NHS support for homeopathy in the capital: NHS homeopathy ending in London A major centre of homeopathy …

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Curbs on hospital linked to Queen over rule breach (The Times)

(Coverage from The Times of our NHS Homeopathy campaign) The hospital where the Queen’s homeopath works has been banned from offering homeopathy to NHS patients for disobeying health service policy. An audit found that the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine had been wrongly charging the alternative treatment to taxpayers.

NHS homeopathy ending in London (BBC)

(Coverage on the BBC of our NHS Homeopathy campaign) A major centre of homeopathy will no longer be able to spend NHS money on the controversial practice. The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine – formerly the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital – will stop providing NHS-funded homeopathic remedies in April.

NHS stops funding for homeopathy at UK’s largest alternative medicine hospital (Independent)

(Coverage in the Independent of our NHS Homeopathy campaign) A major taxpayer-funded centre for homeopathic, herbal and alternative medicines will no longer be providing these remedies on the NHS after health service chiefs said homeopathy was “at best, a placebo”.

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